Founders Feature: HerbaLink Skincare

For this week's Founders Feature we sat down with Dana, the founder of HerbaLink Skincare - an eCommerce company that sells toxic-free, effective skincare products that improve your skin's health. Read on to learn how this herbalist and skincare formulator turned her passion into a successful eCommerce brand!
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ecommerce order fulfillment

HerbaLink Skincare

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Tell us a little bit about HerbaLink Skincare.

My name is Dana and I am married and the mother of 2 happy boys. I am an herbalist and skincare formulator and a big believer in healthy lifestyle and clean products for disease prevention and life proliferation. My mission, when starting HerbaLink, was to create safe and effective skincare products that will be supplements to our skin. By using my products you improve your skin's health while avoiding toxins build up that usually result in future health issues, hormonal disorders and more.

What led you to start HerbaLink Skincare?

My son and I have atopic dermatitis (asthma of the skin) and a chromosome condition called G6PD Deficiency that limits us from using ingredients that are very common in skincare products. For us, finding products that are clean from toxins we can’t intake has been ultimately impossible. My son suffered from severe eczema and most of the creams he got from his pediatrician contained contradicting ingredients that just made his condition worse. At that point I decided to step up and create a solution myself. I studied "master of herbalism" and "Organic skincare formulating" courses and cured his eczema. After that, I formulated products that healed my acne, and when people saw my skin they asked what I had done, so from then on it just came to a point that I started selling my products and changing people's skin for the better.

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What have been some of the greatest challenges you've experienced as an entrepreneur, and what did you take away or learn from those experiences?

I think that my biggest challenge was marketing and social media. It took me a lot of time, YouTube videos, marketing webinars, and trials and errors till I figured out what works for my followers and for my brand - though I am still learning. It's an endless journey that keeps changing all the time. One thing is constant though, if you keep showing up, make valuable content, be real and reliable, and care about your clients, success will happen. You just need to be super patient and passionate.

What kind of growth have you seen at HerbaLink Skincare? What do you think helped drive that growth?

I started selling less than a year ago and I am already selling my products in 3 different locations in Florida and I am formulating products for aestheticians all over the USA. My challenge is to grow my online selling as well because I feel that in that area I am a little behind my goals. But I know it will happen, it is only a matter of time and I am not in a hurry - I'm here to stay.

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Do you have any techniques, tools, or words of wisdom on how you successfully engage your customers?

I am always honest and respectful to everyone. When I sell products to a client my mission is to make them happy and get them the best results. I am always there to assist, answer any question and be available to my clients. No sophisticated techniques, just me, standing behind my brand and my word.

Why HerbaLink Skincare? What sets you apart?

When you buy Herbalink Skincare products you know that they are fresh and haven't sat for a long time in inappropriate storage conditions. The active ingredients are still active and effective.
Herbalink is a women owned small company in the U.S, so when you buy our products you help local businesses grow. Plus, Herbalink donates 10% of all incomes to fight kid's hunger. Each product takes months of research and testing before it is launched. Our products are safe, clean and made of non irritating ingredients. All the ingredients were purchased from a sustainable source in the U.S. Lastly, all of our products are G6PD SAFE.

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Who or what has been your biggest influence in starting your company?

I think that my biggest influence or my motivation in starting my company was knowing that I need to help people (starting with my son) and make a difference and the fear of not doing it. I never had any famous person that I wanted to copy, I just had a lot of passion to make a difference and help people that weren't fortunate and I think that having Herbalink and my amazing clients will get me there. The more Herbalink grows, the more I can donate, hire more people and do good in this world. It's not a cliché, we are all one and depend on each other as a society.

What advice would you give to someone that is just starting their business?

Be patient and make sure you are in love with what you do because this is the only way you could keep being persistent. And don't listen to skeptics and be yourself and don't do anything you're not comfortable with.

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What does the future have in store for HerbaLink Skincare? Is there anything you want us to know about?

There are lots of more good products and collaborations to come... just stay tuned!

That's all for this week's edition of The New Yak Times! A huge thank you to Dana of HerbaLink Skincare for sharing her story and advice! Tune in next week for another Founders Feature and subscribe below!

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