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PackYak likes to keep pricing simple. You won't find hidden fees or "miscellaneous" charges with us.
Use our fulfillment cost calculator below to get an idea of what we charge for services, or request a free quote & consultation so we can build a custom solution for you.

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PackYak Pricing

eCommerce Fulfillment



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International Shipping

Order Fulfillment Business

Negotiated Rates

Order Fulfillment Business

Door-to-Door Tracking

PackYak has negotiated rates with carriers so we can get you the best prices around. PackYak's software solution compares shipping costs to make sure you're always getting the best price no matter the size, weight, or destination of your order. This includes global door-to-door tracking, as well as the ability to automatically choose the cheapest shipping option for every order.

PackYak Freebies

Order Fulfillment Business

Dedicated Support Team

Order Fulfillment Business

No Cost Integration

Order Fulfillment Business

No Setup Fees

eCommerce Fulfillment Service

Free Customer Portal

PackYak will provide a free Slack channel for instant communication with your fulfillment team. Your dedicated support team will integrate your sales channels, set automation rules, map shipping methods, and onboard you to your customer portal.

Fulfillment Center


3PL Order Fulfillment


PackYak Receiving

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Instant Inventory Check-In

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Free Receiving!

Inventory will be immediately checked in on arrival, and ready to fulfill your orders within 48 hours. We don't charge anything for pallets.

Amazon FBA

eCommerce Fulfillment Service


Order Fulfillment Business


Order Fulfillment Business

48 Hour Turnaround

We know how critical Amazon FBA is to your eCommerce storefront's success. PackYak has a quick & simple process to make Amazon FBA effortless. At just $45 per man hour, no project is too big or small!

Shipping Fulfillment Service


PackYak Special Pricing

Special Projects

Best Fulfillment Company

$45 per man hour

Best Fulfillment Company

All Special Projects are confirmed before charged.


Best Fulfillment Company

First insert free

Best Fulfillment Company

$0.25 per each additional insert after first.


Best Fulfillment Company

$2.50 per return

Best Fulfillment Company

PackYak can manage all aspects of returns.


Best Fulfillment Company

$0.10 - $2.00 based on type & size

Best Fulfillment Company

Or provide your own custom packaging!


Best Fulfillment Company

Custom pricing dependent on process

Best Fulfillment Company

PackYak accommodates all kitting needs.

Tape, Dunnage, Labels

Best Fulfillment Company


Best Fulfillment Company

PackYak provides all tape, dunnage, & labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, PackYak has answers.
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What are special project fees?

Special projects fees are applied to requests that fall outside the typical scope of work. All special projects will be discussed with customer and agreed upon prior to any charges.

Does PackYak work with international customers?

Yes! PackYak loves working with partners from all around the world.

Hidden Fees?!

PackYak takes pride in transparent pricing & eliminates the stress of hidden fees.

Does PackYak ship internationally?

Absolutely, we have excellent international rates and can ship to over 175 countries worldwide.

How do I receive my bill?

Your complete pricing will be shared in an itemized csv report every week via e-mail.

Do I need insurance for my products?

Yes, you can add our warehouse location to your insurance policy, or you can choose to waive insurance. Contact us for more specific answers!

What are PackYak labelling requirements?

If you partner with PackYak, we'll send you our detailed PackYak Labelling Guide.

Are PackYak's warehouses temperature controlled?

Yes, all of your products will be stored in a climate controlled facility.

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