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New to order fulfillment? Here's a quick overview of how partnering with PackYak works.

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Curious about the cost of utilizing a fulfillment center? Try our free fulfillment center cost calculator to get an idea of how much fulfillment costs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Isn't it expensive to use a fulfillment center?

PackYak has the most competitive rates in the industry and partnering with us can actually save your business money. We have negotiated shipping rates, affordable storage costs, and you will no longer need to hire staff to help manage your inventory and orders.

Does PackYak work with international customers for order fulfillment?

Yes! PackYak loves working with partners from all around the world. We have international solutions for your business regardless of where you or your manufacturers are located.

What about Hidden Fees?!

PackYak takes pride in transparent pricing & eliminates the stress of hidden fees - its one of our core values! Partner with PackYak if you want upfront billing and clear invoices so you always know exactly what you're paying for.

Are PackYak's fulfillment centers temperature controlled?

Yes, all of your products will be stored in a climate controlled facility.

Does PackYak ship internationally?

Absolutely, we have excellent international rates and can ship to over 175 countries worldwide.

How do I receive my order fulfillment bill?

Your complete pricing will be shared in an itemized CSV report every week via e-mail and we offer convenient payment options so there's no headache when it comes to billing.

How do I integrate my online storefront?

We have one-click integrations for most online storefronts so getting linked up with PackYak is a breeze. Plus, our experienced integration team will walk you through the entire process to make sure the integration goes perfectly.

Do I need insurance for my products?

Yes, you can add our warehouse location to your insurance policy, or you can choose to waive insurance. Contact PackYak if you would like to learn more.

What are PackYak's labelling requirements?

If you partner with PackYak, we'll send you our detailed PackYak Labelling Guide (don't worry, it's super simple and we'll help you out!)

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